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The Kin-Ball itself has a diameter of 1.22 meters.There are 3 teams playing each game. Every team consists of 4 players. Each team also has an assigned color for the game.
To make a play the attacking team, which is the one currently being in possession of the ball, has to designate a defending team by announcing a color. The designation has to start with the word "Omnikin" followed by the color of another team. After the designation the ball has to be hit with a body part above the hips, while all other members of the attacking team touch the ball in some way.
If the defending team is able to control the ball successfully, it becomes the attacker.


Materials needed for Roundnet include a trampoline-like net and a small ball with a 12-inch circumference. Players line up next to each other around the Spikeball net, and teams line up across from each other along the Spikeball net. Each round begins with a serve, usually done by the team who won the previous round.

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Bumball is a velcro-ballgame involving two opposing teams. A soft ball is being passed between players which are allowed to catch the ball only with their velcro padded chest or bum (velcro-padding is part of Bumball gear).
A team scores when a player catches the ball in a goal zone (spot marker placed on the floor). The team with the highest score wins.


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